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Acid Yellow Dyes Manufacturer

Shrey Dye Chem is manufacturer and supplier of Acid Yellow Dyes, which are accessible with great variety of shades. These offered Acid Yellow Dyes are widely used for coloring diverse fabrics like wool, nylon, silk and many more protein fibers. These Acid Yellow Dyes are a water soluble dye and mainly utilized for wool dyeing, silk dyeing, wool and silk fabrics in direct printing and also used in leather color.

List Of Commercial Name Of Acid Yellow Dyes:

Acid Quinoline Yellow WS,Acid Yellow E2GL,Acid Light Yellow 3GL,Acid Light Yellow 3GL,Acid Metanil Yellow,Acid Fast Yellow E-3GL,Acid Yellow, Acid Yellow 4GL,Acid Yellow GR, Acid Fast Milling Yellow 5GN,Acid Yellow, Acid Yellow 2GL,Acid Yellow S5GL,Acid Yellow S2GL,Acid Yellow E

Our Offer Acid yellow dyes are available in these following codes:

C.I. Name C.I. No. CAS No.
Acid Yellow 17 18965 6359-98-4
Acid Yellow 23 19140 1934-21-0
Acid Yellow 36 13065 587-98-4
Acid Yellow 42 22910 6375-55-9
Acid Yellow 73 45350 518-47-8
Acid Yellow 99 13900 10343-58-5
Acid Yellow 110 - 12220-74-5
Acid Yellow 142 - -
Acid Yellow 194 - -
Acid Yellow 199 14205 70865-20-2