We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of food color in India, Leading Exporter & supplier of superior quality Food Colors, Direct Dyes, Acid Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Synthetic food Color, Lake colors, Pharma colors in Afghanistan and near places such as Kabul,Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Jalalabad, Taloqan, Puli Khumri, Charikar, Lashkargah, Sheberghan, Ghazni, Khost, Sar-e Pol, Chaghcharan, Mihtarlam, Farah, Puli Alam.

Food Color In Afghanistan

We are a well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of various types of food color. Our offer food colors are highly demanded in the Afghanistan market. There are two types of food colors that we provide artificial and natural food color. The natural food colors are made naturally gives plants, vegetables, and plants. Usually, natural colors are better than artificial colors. Our offer natural and artificial both colors make your food tastier, and offer artificial color doesn’t affect your health. That wise our offer natural food color, lake food color, synthetic food color that highly demanded the Afghanistan market and their near cities. We are a leading exporter of food color in Afghanistan, and a well-known supplier in the Afghanistan market.

Synthetic Food Color In Afghanistan

Synthetic Food Color also known as artificial colors and The Shrey Dye Chem specialize Manufacturer, Supplier & best exporter in Synthetic Food Color. Synthetic Food Colors are highly utilized in pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries and It is also applicable by as dye in food. We according to certified synthetic color manufacturer, supplier, exporter. Our offer synthetic colors are popular in the Afghanistan market and near places like Kabul, Jalalabad, Kunduz, Ghazni, Khost because they are less expensive but they are also actual in giving intense and uniform colors. Our offer all colors and dye colors products packaging is done high-quality packaging material. Our quality experts check the artificial colors and other colors quality test. Then we supply the product to our valuable customers. our all products are available at an affordable cost in the market.

Pigment Color In Afghanistan

One of the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Pigments Color. leading manufacturer of Pigments Color in India. We serve a huge variety of customers ranging from Paint, Ink, Plastics, Textiles, Agriculture, and Rubber industries. We have always been known as leading pigment color exporter in Afghanistan and pigment color Supplier in Afghanistan. We offer a wide range of Organic Pigments, Inorganic Pigments, Synthetic Food Colors, Lake Food color from Gujarat, India. pigments are also used in different production processes and the visual arts as a fine powder. these colors are added in inks, plastics paints, products, cosmetic, eatables, to appear the color. We can supply Pigment Color in various places in Afghanistan such as Herat, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Lashkargah, Puli Khumri.

Blended Color In Afghanistan

Blended Color is one of the parts of shrey dye chem. Manufacturer, Supplier, And exporter of Blended Color. Blended colors are a mixture of two or more water-soluble colors. We are made the blended colors as per customer’s requirement. Blended colors are various ways to create different verities of shades. Blended colors widely used in drinks and beverage, mocktails as a coloring agent. We offer the blend colors at modest prices in the Afghanistan market. We are leading, supplier, and exporter of Afghanistan. We also offer lake food color, food color, acid dyes, direct dyes, natural food color, pigment colors. these all products are available at the lowest prices in the Afghanistan market.

Lake Color In Afghanistan

One of the leading organizations that offer high-quality Lake Color. We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. our offer lake colors are used in different applications. lake colors are water-insoluble colors. We are one of the prominent lake color export in Afghanistan. We provide lake colors of our customer high value for use in manufacturing quality and finesse and good range products. We are offer lake colors not only for food applications also offer other industries such as inks, cosmetics, pharmaceutics. our offer lake colors highly demanded in Afghanistan because of its unique features and quality such as highly adaptable, versatile, and stable, with a long-lasting. our supply chains are very long in Afghanistan such as Ghazni, Khost, Sar-e Pol, Chaghcharan, Mihtarlam, Farah, Puli Alam, Logar

Cosmetic Color In Afghanistan

Cosmetic are provide a major role in our regular life, And We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Cosmetic Color in India. In Cosmetic Various colors are used in various cosmetic products such as Compact Powder, Blush, Face Makeup, Lip Gloss, Nail Lacquers, Nail Paint, lipstick. Nail paints and lipstick are some of the large selling products in cosmetics and that used multiple colors and different shades. We provide the best cosmetic color manufacturer in India and top exporter and supplier of Cosmetic Color In Afghanistan. we are supplying our product near places In Afghanistan. our offer Cosmetic Colors are widely used in many cosmetic industry.

Food Color Powder In Afghanistan

One of the prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter in dyes color industry, we are offer food colors both liquid and powder form that is used in many food items such as jelly, biscuit, chocolate, ice cream. In Bakery kind of places, bakers need many types of colors for the make items that wise the bakers had stored the food colors in powder form. food color powder store for a long time. Our Offer all Food color powder are made as per international standard. We offer food color powder different industries in Afghanistan. We offer all food colors at affordable prices.

Food Coloring Ingredients In Afghanistan

Leading Supplier and exporter of Food Coloring Ingredients in India. We offer Food Coloring Ingredients available in powder and liquid form. Food Coloring Ingredients are made high-quality raw martial with industrial standards. We are supply Food Coloring Ingredients after a check by our quality team and its experts. Offer food colors, lake food colors highly demanded in the market. We are leading the Food Coloring Ingredients exporter In Afghanistan.

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